Rhino Conservation Project

Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy is working to save a critically endangered species.

Due to a still-persistent belief in Asia that powdered rhino horn can be used as a cure-all medicine, rhino populations are under massive threat from poaching. A recent sharp increase in poaching has most significantly affected South Africa where 1,255 rhino were killed for their horns in 2014 alone. It is estimated as few as 29,000 rhino survive worldwide.


Sanctuary Retreats has strategically partnered with Rhino Conservation Botswana, the Botswana Defence Forces and other partners to translocate 20 rhino, both black and white, from South Africa into the Moremi Reserve in Botswana where they will be safer from poachers. There they are under protection 24/7 and have a greater chance for survival.

Our support was initially directed to building large enclosures, called “bomas”, that are strong enough to temporarily house the rhino introduced in the region. The Moremi Reserve was chosen as it provides suitable habitat, good security, restricted range, and existing monitoring capacity. Going forward, Sanctuary Retreats will expand its support for monitoring and protection activities on the reserve, with the help of Sanctuary guides and guests.

Guests staying at Sanctuary Chief’s Camp have the opportunity to learn about these unique animals and the process of translocating them, during a presentation by our designated philanthropy coordinator. Guests will then have the chance to journey into the reserve to view the rhino thriving in their new home.

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