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Philanthropy in Tanzania

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Ilboru School for Children with Special Needs

Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy funded the construction of the Ilboru School for Children with Special Needs, the first primary school in Arusha designed for deaf and disabled children.

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Education on the Edge of Wilderness

Educating and supporting the children of rural communities living on the edge of wilderness is essential in ensuring the survival of Africa's mammals.

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Doffa Bike Shop

The Doffa Bike Shop is an enterprise that provides women with the opportunity to earn a much-needed income, while also giving their community vital access to transportation and helping to address the gender gap.

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Safe Water for Schools

Together with our guests, Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy is working towards raising standards of living by delivering clean water to schools that border Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park.