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Luxury Namibia Safaris & Safari Lodges

Namibia, situated on Africa’s southwest coast and bordering Angola, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe, is one the word’s least populated countries. Few visitors have witnessed these surreal vistas, encountered the special desert adapted elephants, giraffes and lions, or met the indigenous Himba tribespeople, who find their own ways to thrive here.

Namibia is all about the desert landscape – ever changing, and evermore otherworldly. It is home to wildlife that have adapted to living in the harsh conditions of their desert environment: the handsome oryx, the largest number of free-roaming desert-adapted black rhino, and the adorable bat-eared fox. Perhaps the most adapted of all, however, is its people: the ochre-red hair of the Himba, the clicking speech of the Damara, the fascinating San Bushmen of the Kalahari, and the German descendants of Swakopmund.



  • Namibia is a unique and diverse country offering a range of otherworldly landscapes
  • Encounter and learn about desert adapted elephants, giraffes and lions
  • Access the most remote and striking parts of the country on a flying safari
  • Home to the Namib desert with over 1800km of Atlantic coastline
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