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Kunene Region

There’s more to a Namibia safari than spotting big game, as you’ll find when you visit Kunene. The desert region of Kunene is known for its towering mountains of distinctive metamorphic rock, abundant herds of gemsbok, springbok and Hartmann's mountain zebra, all living alongside the nomadic Himba people.

Wildlife in Kunene isn’t just restricted to the desert terrain, however and, curiously for a desert, the rushing Kunene River also cuts through the land, acting as border between Namibia and Angola. The river contains large populations of Nile crocodile lying in wait on its banks. So, keep your eyes peeled as you marvel at stark mountain facades pinned against soft yellow sand dunes.

Our expert guides will steer you towards the best vantage point to see and experience the region’s outstanding natural beauty and recount the intriguing history of the Himba people.