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What to Pack for Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

The most practical items to pack for gorilla trekking adventure are:

  • In Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, there are often heavy rain showers, even in the dry season, so a light raincoat will be useful
  • Sturdy walking boots with good ankle support and grip are also recommended
  • A light shoulder bag or small rucksack to carry your water, raincoat, camera and other essentials
  • Strong gloves are of enormous help, as you will be hauling yourself uphill by grabbing the bushes
  • During the track, wearing a pair of walking trousers
    or gaiters will prevent cuts and scratches
  • Carry a water-proof plastic bag to wrap your camera and film or memory cards in.

For the Camp:

  • Evening dress is ‘smart casual’, there is no formal wear required
  • We advise guests to dress in a way they feel most comfortable
  • The altitude at Bwindi is just over a mile high
  • Evenings can get chilly, so it is advisable to carry a sweater. For the daytime, light clothes usually

We offer a complimentary overnight laundry service in Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp.