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Firepit Swala Luxury Safari Tanzania


Tanzania is a year-round destination. Due to its close proximity to the equator there are only subtle climatic variations throughout the year. Generally the coastal areas have a tropical climate, the highlands in the north a temperate climate and the vast central plateau is hot and arid.

June to September, the cooler dry season, is the optimum time to visit Tanzania when the grasses and scrubs have receded and animals tend to congregate around diminishing water sources making already excellent game viewing easier and more comfortable. The temperature rises from October onwards making lazy game easy to photograph. The light rains and warmer temperatures arrive in November bringing new life to Tanzania and by December, January and February the game have given birth to their young. Mid March through to May is characterized by heavy intermittent rain and the surrounding bushland is green and lush.

At any time of year the temperatures on the Ngorongoro Crater rim can be decidedly cooler than on the Crater floor and in the Serengeti this is particularly noted from mid-May through to August.