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Cultural Activities

A trip to a Maasai village is a fascinating opportunity to witness the unique culture, customs and practices of one of Tanzania's most iconic tribes. Expect a warm welcome from the Maasai, who are known for their hospitality, before a tour of their settlements, known as ‘manyattas’. Villages are made up of small, circular mud-and-dung huts, all beautifully decorated with Maasai beadwork and fabrics and enclosed by thorn bushes to keep both predators and livestock out. The tribe's customs and traditions centre on their cattle, which are considered sacred, with the Maasai renowned for their herding and tracking skills. The visit not only gives tourists an insight into the Maasai culture, with traditional dances and the chance to sample Maasai food, but it also provides a sustainable source of income for the community. Guests can enjoy cultural activities in a nearby Masai village (there is an additional entrance fee of payable to the village).