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Marvel at the fascinating living landscape of the Puros Conservancy where wildlife viewing opportunities might begin from the lodge's sun deck or pool. With expert Himba guides leading the way, embark on captivating morning treks or exhilarating afternoon game drives to witness a diverse array of desert wildlife. Behold the emblematic desert-adapted elephants, iconic giraffes, Hartmann's mountain zebras and a rich assortment of antelopes, including the gemsbok, springbok, steenbok, and kudu, renowned for their distinctive striped flanks, manes, and the males' striking spiral horns. Birdwatching enthusiasts can indulge in the sights of both native and exotic avian species, from the formidable vultures to the dainty bee-eaters, along with the unmistakable Rüppell's Korhaan and Monteiro's hornbill.