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Activities - Sanctuary Tambarare

Tambarare Game Viewing Kenya Safari 2
Game Drives
Game drives are a daily delight for guests seeking to explore the Ol Pejeta Conservancy with expert guides. The conservancy is home to more than 130 black rhinos and a host of other animals, from the Big Five to cheetahs, jackals, hippos and hyenas. For an amplified thrill, embark on a game drive after dark, when the plains come alive with nocturnal animals. The experience is unique to Ol Pejeta, as night drives are not possible in most of Kenya's national parks and reserves. Guests may spot the elusive aardvark, white-tailed mongoose, zorilla (striped polecat), bat-eared fox, and perhaps even lions and leopards.
Tambarare Rhino Kenya Safari
Meet the Northern White Rhinos
Get up close and personal with the last two northern white rhino on earth and hear their incredible story from their dedicated keepers.
Tambarare Game Viewing Kenya Safari
Lion Tracking
Fancy taking part in a citizen science project? Accompany a ranger on an adventure that actively helps to protect lions. You’ll scour the wild for these big cats and take notes on the specific animals spotted, then report to the Ol Pejeta Ecological Monitoring Department who will add the data to its collection.
Tambarare Anti Poaching Kenya Safari
K9 Dog Unit
Meet the formidable K9 Unit dogs, who play a key part in local anti-poaching efforts. From tracking the scent of a poacher to detecting ammunition, these animals are highly specialised and an asset to the team.
Night Kenya Safari
Night Drive
The plains come alive at night, with nocturnal animals such as aardvark, white-tailed mongoose, zorilla (striped polecat), bat-eared fox and perhaps even lions and leopard.
Tambarare Guided Walking Safari Kenya (1)
Guided Bush Walk
Sanctuary Tambarare invites you to ditch the vehicle and embark on an invigorating stroll through the picturesque park. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide and an armed ranger, explore the grassland around the camp and encounter majestic game such as zebra, waterbuck, impala, ostrich and elephants, as well as the diverse birdlife.
Tambarare Fitness training Kenya Safari
Additional Activities
For fitness and adventure fans, there is no better way to train than on a 5 to 7 km running route across the Ol Pejeta plains. This is a rare activity in the bush, so make the most of it while you can.