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Cuisine takes centre stage at Sanctuary Olonana but extends far beyond fine dining in the camp. For a truly memorable evening, guests can opt for a private bush dinner in the heart of the African wilderness. Expect a sophisticated table setting, adorned with wild flower arrangements and crisp white linen, positioned in a secluded clearing. As darkness falls, the atmosphere will be enhanced by a magnificent log fire and flickering candles, casting dancing light and shadows on the bush. After dinner, retire to the warmth of the campfire with a digestif and drink in the peace of the night. 

Organic Garden, Sanctuary Olonana


The organic garden at Olonana Lodge is a testament to the property's commitment to freshness and sustainability. This living pantry brims with rows of lush, leafy greens, vibrantly coloured fruits, and a variety of aromatic herbs. The flourishing garden provides the daily harvest for the lodge's kitchen, ensuring guests enjoy meals prepared with the freshest, locally-sourced produce, bursting with flavour and nutrients. This is farm-to-table dining at its finest, right in the heart of the Masai Mara. Not only does this garden supply the ingredients, but it also serves as an idyllic setting for lunch. Guests can relax among the vibrant plant life, indulging in the garden's bounty while taking in the serene ambiance.