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Activities at Sanctuary Olonana

Sanctuary Olonana

Game Drives

Game viewing begins from the camp itself, with views of the resident pod of hippos in the river below and myriad other wildlife species regularly visiting the watering hole. Ready for action? Hop into one of our customised open safari vehicles (specially designed for uninterrupted views and exceptional photography opportunities) and let our expert guides lead you to the Mara’s hidden hotspots. This diverse ecosystem comprises acacia-studded savannah and riparian forest and woodland, providing the perfect habitat for more than 300 species of birds and an incredible variety of animal life all year round.
Zebra Wildebeest Olonana Luxury Safari Lodge

Wildebeest Migration

Experience the movement of a million-plus wildebeest and zebra as they follow the fresh grasses across the Masai Mara during the annual migration cycle. With this much fresh prey arriving, you won’t be the only interested party – the all-star cast is now joined by lions, cheetahs, leopards and hyena, all looking for a lucrative part in this high-stakes action-thriller.
Balloon Ride Olonana Luxury Safari Lodge

Hot Air Balloon

As the first rays of the sun gently warm the savannah, lift off on an unforgettable aerial adventure that takes in stunning birds’ eye views of the Mara and the animals that call it home. The balloon ride lasts approximately one hour, after which you will be whisked to a nearby location, where a delicious breakfast awaits. Savour the aromas of sizzling bacon, juicy sausages, and perfectly cooked eggs, served alongside a generous selection of fresh Kenyan fruits and homemade pastries. Don’t forget to toast to your experience with a beading glass of bubbly.
Maasai Olonana Luxury Safari Lodge 2

Cultural Visit to Maasai Village

Experience a fascinating insight into traditional Maasai culture on a village visit. Accompanied by an experienced Maasai guide, you’ll tour the settlement and learn about the medicinal plants that grow here, the importance of cattle and the stages of life through which all Maasai pass, from young boy or girl to respected elder. Meet the elders, their wives and families and gain an understanding of the social structure of the homestead, the role of women in their society and other aspects of daily life. Interaction and discussion is encouraged, and guests are invited to participate, whether it be helping the ladies build a hut, dancing with the warriors or learning how to make fire with stones and sticks.
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Walking Safaris
A walking safari is a unique and exhilarating experience that provides an entirely different perspective on the bush. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide and park rangers, discover the beauty of the Masai region on foot in the Oloisukut Conservancy and encounter majestic game such as giraffe, zebra, elephant as well as the diverse birdlife.
Night Kenya Safari
Night Drives
At Sanctuary Olonana, the adventure never stops. Witness the plains come alive at night with nocturnal animals such as the aardvark, bush baby or the bat-eared fox.