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Activities - Sanctuary Stanley's Camp

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Game Drives
You cannot beat the thrill of a game drive in the Okavango Delta. In this unique environment, water crossings are all part of the adventure – both for our guests and for the animals that call this region home. Not only does this mean you will have the chance to observe the likes of zebra standing belly-deep in the delta and giraffes wading through water, but provided levels are high enough, you will also experience exciting excursions in traditional dugout canoes known as mokoros.
Stanleys Camp Canoe Safari Okavango Delta
Mokoro Excursions
A highlight of any stay in the Okavango Delta is a poled mokoro excursion, an activity unique to this region that we are able to offer during the seasonal floods. Cruising on these local dugout canoes has been designed with tranquillity in mind, so just sit back, relax and glide along the meandering channels to the tune of chirping frogs and the hum of the forest, while fish eagles soar overhead and lilies bloom all around. While you can expect enchanting animal encounters – observe buffalo as they lap water from the river, watch crocodiles sunbathe on the banks and spot hippos cooling off in the lagoons – it is the gentle pace and serenity of the experience that will leave a lasting impression.
Scenic Helicopter Flight
Experience the magnificent Okavango Delta by air with Helicopter Horizons Scenic Flights - a completely personalised experience offering the very best of the untamed wilderness and wildlife in widescreen. These scenic flights involve flying west towards the permanent delta, exposing areas which are unreachable by vehicle or boat and showcasing the sheer enormity of the Okavango Delta. Helicopters are a perfect way to explore deep into the Delta exposing permanent waterways, palm islands, and lagoons, with sweeping views of floodplains and incredible game sightings. Doors are removed for unrestricted views which offers great photographic opportunities. Being a personalised activity, it's up to you what time of day you would like to do the activity, however, we would recommend early morning and late afternoon as these times usually provide the best light for photography. Preferred flight times can be requested on booking. This activity is at an additional cost. Please see more information here.
Walking Safaris
A guided walking safari under the wing of our highly experienced rangers allows you to appreciate the delta from a different perspective. While journeying on foot you will have the chance to get up close and personal with the low key treasures of the bush while listening to our passionate team bring them to life in vibrant detail. Drink in the diverse flora and fauna, spot the ‘little five’ and track animals using only their prints – from lion, leopard, and elephants to genets and even millipedes, each has their own story to tell. Slow travel is a truly beautiful way to envelop yourself in the landscape, ask a million and one questions and reflect on your time in Botswana.