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Activities at Sanctuary Chief's Camp

Moremi Game Reserve Wild Dogs Chiefs Camp
Game Drives
The Okavango Delta is a protected area that offers a peaceful haven for its abundant big cat and bird population, ensuring that animals can thrive without disturbance. Experience the region’s remarkable creatures up close with expert guides on game drives in open 4x4 vehicles as you navigate the concession’s diverse landscapes – think desert, dry savannah, lagoons and swamps all within close proximity.
Canoe Safari Chiefs Camp Botswana
Mokoro Excursions
Embark on an extraordinary adventure aboard a traditional dugout canoe or ‘mokoro’, guided by a highly skilled local expert. As the landscape transforms each June, the camp's surroundings morph into a maze of lily-laden lagoons and meandering streams – the perfect stage for territorial hippos and lurking crocodiles awaiting unsuspecting prey.
Scenic Helicopter Flight
Immerse yourself in the skies above the breathtaking Okavango Delta with Helicopter Horizons Scenic Flights, a bespoke experience showcasing the untamed wilderness and wildlife in all its panoramic glory. These flights whisk you westward towards the permanent delta, unveiling remote areas inaccessible by vehicle or boat, while revealing the staggering immensity of the region. This activity is at an additional cost. Please see more information here.