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Sishemo Bead Studio

After an intense period of research, development and fundraising we were able to open the Sishemo Bead Studio, a fantastic initiative staffed by a group of women who have trained in the art of making glass beads using traditional African techniques and now craft beautiful, handmade jewellery.


The group underwent intensive training in how to make glass beads using traditional African techniques. The glass is recycled from discarded bottles at Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma and the kiln is made from locally sourced bricks and termite-mound clay. The artisans painstakingly fire and shape each bead by hand, creating unique shapes, colours and designs. These beads are then used to make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other bead products.


In an area where employment opportunities are extremely limited, particularly for women, we are delighted to report that the seven artisans of Sishemo Bead Studio now collectively support more than 40 family members, of which 14 are children.

Hellen, a Sishemo artisan says: “I know that the Sishemo Bead Project will change my life. I hope that I can now earn enough money to buy a plot of land and build a house for myself and my family. I would also like to go back to school and complete Grades 10 to 12, and make sure my six-year-old daughter and nieces are able to successfully complete their education.”