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Traditional Egyptian Cuisine

The Nile is a river of wonder, weaved with secrets from the ancient world. A Sanctuary Retreats Nile cruise is, not merely a journey of fascination filled with ancient monuments and sensational sites but also a tantalising trip for the taste buds. Egypt is a country which assaults the senses and it cannot be properly discovered without also experiencing the traditional culinary delights. As soon as guests arrive onboard a Sanctuary Retreats boat, they are greeted with a sweet homemade juice, derived from fresh, locally grown fruits; setting the tone for the four days of fantastic food and drinks to follow.

The dining room is an intimate space, exuding the class and sophistication channelled throughout the boat. In Egypt each region possesses its own versions of traditional specialities. For example, a classic soup called Molokhia is popular dish, served with lime in Luxor but in Aswan, people frequently add the leaves of green peas. Many locally sourced fruit and vegetables are also used, including Arbi or Taro, a brown root vegetable which exudes a sticky sap when cut, comparable to a potato but creamier. This is a truly memorable evening, whereby guests experience a totally authentic taste of Egypt.