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Philae Temple Luxury Nile Cruise Egypt (1)
Philae Temple
Incredible in its own right, the structure was made even more famous when it was moved in 1971 from its original site in Philae to higher ground on Agilika Island after rising Nile waters threatened to submerge it.
Nile Adventurer Luxury Nile Cruise Egypt
Felucca Sailing
These boats sail silently along the Nile, often piloted by captains using one foot to steer the rudder. This is the most serene way to explore the waters around Elephantine Island, Lord Kitchener’s Botanical Gardens, and the Agha Khan Mausoleum.
Temple of Luxor Egypt
Luxor Temple
The ancient Egyptian masterpiece on the east bank of the Nile, was dedicated to the god Amun-Ra. Its grand colonnades, imposing statues, and the dramatic Hypostyle Hall make it a captivating testament to ancient Egyptian religious devotion and architecture.
Sightseeing Luxury Nile Cruise Egypt
Valley of the Kings
A historic burial ground, the Valley of the Kings, conceals ornate tombs housing pharaohs like Tutankhamun. Intricate hieroglyphics, paintings, and treasures adorn these subterranean chambers, providing insight into ancient Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife.
Karnak Temple
Karnak Temple
Visit Karnak, a vast complex of temples, pylons and chapels and other structures built between the Middle Kingdom and Ptolemaic periods, including the Great Hypostyle Hall. Exploring Karnak offers a vivid glimpse into the opulence of Egypt's ancient religious practices.
Temple Of Horus Edfu (2)
Temple of Edfu
One of the best-preserved shrines in Egypt, the Temple of Edfu was built between 237 and 57 BCE. Inscriptions on the walls give details about the myths, language and religions following the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BCE.
Kom Ombo Egypt
Kom Ombo Temple
Visit Kom Ombo, dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and standing at a bend in the Nile where, in ancient times, sacred crocodiles would bask in the sun on the banks, the temple’s design is perfectly symmetrical.
Nile Adventurer Luxury Nile Cruise Egypt
Home to over half of Egypt's antiquities, the splendour and glory of Luxor has been depicted by great writers for centuries. Visit the bustling local market before touring Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon and the Temple of Luxor.
Aerial View Luxury Nile Cruise Egypt
A treasure-trove of ancient findings still producing astonishing finds– since 2018 archaeologists have discovered the bust of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, a sandstone sphinx and 35 mummified Egyptians in a tomb dating back to the Ptolemaic Dynasty.