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The Waiting Mothers’ Hostel in Uganda - August 201922 Aug 2019

- Aiming to abolish problems related to pregnancy -

We often associate pregnancy with happiness and expectation. However, in many developing countries pregnancy can be a life-threatening condition. The risks for pregnant women predominantly relate to poverty, poor nutrition and limited access to quality care. In 2015, approximately 1,700,000 babies were born in Uganda; around 4,600 every day. Furthermore, an average of 15 women die from childbirth-related causes every day, indicating a desperate need for change.

At Sanctuary Retreats, we strive to improve the lives of the local communities in which we operate. As a result, The Waiting Mothers’ Hostel was born. This hostel has the sole purpose of abolishing problems related to pregnancy among local women.


In this community, dangerous births often occur when women experience complications in labour at home. As a result, expectant mothers will often attempt to reach the closest medical facility on foot, sometimes a journey taking several days. This is often a painful, dangerous, sometimes fatal journey.

A midwife at the hostel showed the crucial nature of the hostels work stating:

“It was very rare to get a mother from Mpungu delivering from the hospital (before the Waiting Hostel was started)…that place is very far, mothers have to walk for about 8 hours to reach here and it is impossible for them to walk that distance while in labour...when we got the hostel, women got to know about it and therefore they could just walk freely in the last month to come and wait here for the baby.”


This facility was used so much that before long expansion was required. Frequently, mats were scattered about the floor in attempt to cater for an overflow of patients.

Thanks to the help of our guests we have funded the expansion of the hostel, creating a new wing. The expansion is a 2,000 square foot facility containing 12 additional beds, bringing the total to 40, for expectant mothers and additional sleeping space for midwives.


The expansion project will also include providing furnishings, equipment and supplies. The hostel will also work on social projects supporting and educating mothers on topics such as nutrition, family planning and healthcare.

As a result of the Waiting Mother’s Hostel, children are born in a safer environment and mothers are equipped with information regarding how best to take care of their families.