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Our Commitment to Sustainability - October 201911 Oct 2019

From vegetable gardens to the Serengeti Cheetah Project -

At Sanctuary Retreats, we value the beauty of the natural world and everything in it. We maintain a strong commitment to our philosophy of ‘Luxury, naturally’, striving to create holidays of ultimate indulgence with consciousness towards environmental impact. We consider conservation to encompass three main areas: 

Community -
Working with the local populations where we operate to educate and implement valuable environmental strategies, positively impacting individuals. 

Infrastructure -
Implementing physical systems or wide reaching initiatives, aiming to minimise our environmental impact and helping us to operate sustainably.

Nature -
Striving to protect the environment including plants, animals and the landscape through preservation projects.

Discover some of our current conservation programmes below.


Water for the Maasai Community
Four local villages benefit from the water filtration system at Sanctuary Olonana. A quarter of all the water filtered is reserved for the villagers who come and collect it twice a day.

Staff Education
Staff at our properties benefit from internal Environmental Education Programmes. Topics include climate change, energy saving measures and water conservation. All programmes provide staff with a take home message which can be shared in their local villages.

Clean water Kenya


Biogas Project
Sanctuary Olonana uses a biogas system. This process converts waste into biogas, then used as manure in the vegetable garden. This sustainable use of waste makes all the produce organic, eliminating the need for fertiliser.

Solar Energy
A solar field supplies 80% of the power used in our Botswana properties. This means that the generator is only used as a booster, for approximately three hours of the day, during peak times. 

Reduced Plastic Useage
Our properties have successfully reduced their plastic usage. Every Sanctuary guest is provided with a reusable water bottle, which will be refilled in camp and during game drives. Our toiletry bottles are also refillable containers.

 Bathroom Sanctuary Olonana Kenya


Sanctuary Olonana Garden and Tree Planting 
Chef Ambrose's favourite dish is his organic garden saladpicked from the garden where the majority of vegetables served at the lodge are grown. In the garden, there is also a tree planting programme which guests can participate in.

Animal Conservation Programmes
16,306 species are currently endangered, including the cheetah. Our Serengeti Cheetah Project helps to monitor the 50-80 cheetah in the area, one of the few remaining ecosystems where cheetah exist in viable numbers. Click here to find out more.

Endangered Cheetahs, Tanzania

Future Plans...

At Sanctuary Retreats we have many plans in place for 2020. 

Three of our top aims for the coming year are...

1.  Sanctuary Chief's Camp will implement a new wetland system, for further purification of waste water.

2.  At Sanctuary Swala the new water purification system, already under construction will be completed.

3. In early 2020, a new water purification system, (similar to the system being built at Sanctuary Swala) will be constructed at Sanctuary Kusini.