Living with Elephants

Living with Elephants Foundation is devoted to providing rescued African elephants with a second chance and safe home in the wilderness of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Currently under care are Jabu and Morula, two rescued elephants, saved from culling operations in which they were orphaned. Jabu and Morula cannot yet be released fully to the wild due to their traumatic starts in life and chronic injuries.

Doug and Sandi Groves have dedicated nearly 30 years to providing world-class care and refuge to these orphans. The elephants thrive in a loving supportive environment and are provided with specialized care. Jabu and Morula live in expansive natural elephant habitat, which offers freedom for exploration, natural behaviour and wildlife interactions.

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Jabu and Morula

Morula has a troubled past, and when Doug and Sandi met her at age 17 she was destined to be shot. Female elephants generally stay in the herds they are born into and their relationships with other females are life long. Since the only way to be part of a breeding herd or elephant family is to be born into one, Morula lives and thrives in her unique interspecies herd. Although Morula cannot join a wild herd, the long-term plan is to create a herd, with other orphaned females, to which she can belong. Once established, it is hoped the herd can be safely released together. Morula is a sweet elephant and is sure to steal your heart.

Jabu, an orphaned bull elephant, was attacked and injured by a wild bull elephant in a conflict for status. Due to his resulting joint injuries, Jabu requires individualised and innovative veterinary care and therapies. Currently, top international vets are working on stem cell therapy and other cutting-edge options for Jabu to help with his osteo-arthritis and the angulation in his wrist. Jabu’s need for supervision to avoid further injury precludes him from surviving alone in the wild. Jabu is an impressive bull and his story has caught the world’s attention as seen on Animal Planet’s “Dodo Heroes”. Follow Jabu on his blog and Instagram to learn more about his progress and his life in the bush.

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The Project

Low volumes of visitors to Sanctuary Retreats are given the rare opportunity to visit Jabu and Morula in the heart of the Okavango Delta. During their walk with the elephants, guests witness private moments as they forage, mud wallow and amble through the bush. This is an intimate and highly educational bush walk where you will learn about the status of the African Elephant, their role in the eco-system and conservation in general. Doug and Sandi are renowned specialists in elephant biology, eco-systems and natural history. Having lived intimately with their herd in Botswana for three decades, they are your perfect guides for a “day in the life of the African Elephant”.

As shown worldwide on Animal Planet’s “Dodo Heroes” Jabu, Morula and the Groves have formed a very unique family. Join the Living with Elephants Foundation herd in the heart of the Okavango Delta and help protect the world’s gentle giants – the African Elephant. Your visit helps support the wellbeing of rescued elephants and conservation overall.

Living with Elephants is exclusive to Sanctuary Baines' Camp and Sanctuary Stanley's Camp in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

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