Education on the Edge of Wilderness, Tanzania

Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy provides education and support for the next generation of conservationists—children.

Communities bordering national parks are greatly impacted by wildlife such as lions and leopards, which are prone to taking domestic livestock, and by elephants, which raid farmers’ fields. It is essential that these communities maintain their commitment to living with wildlife if the megafauna of Africa is to survive.



Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy is committed to ensuring the tourism industry contributes to improved lives and livelihoods in these communities living on the edge of wilderness.

In Tanzania we work in partnership with communities close to Sanctuary Swala Camp in Tarangire National Park to improve the educational environment for children attending Gijedabung and Mwikantsi Primary Schools. We have provided new classrooms and teachers’ housing, textbooks, educational materials and solar power.

We have also supported school lunch programs helping to greatly improve the quality of education children receive - as every mother knows a hungry child can’t learn.


Literacy Program

In 2016, Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy launched a new literacy program at these schools in partnership with Worldreader. The new program, which utilizes digital e-readers, provides the children with access to dozens of textbooks and literature in both English and their native language to improve reading comprehension and inspire a passion for learning.

Guests at Sanctuary Swala have the opportunity to take a tour of the schools led by a student representative who are happy to provide insights into the educational setting and are eager to practice their English.

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