World Wildlife Day



- World Wildlife Day -


Africa's plains would not be the same without the vibrant wildlife that roams them, bringing the bush to life. This day celebrates the biodiversity of this incredible ecosystem we are so easily drawn to, and for good reason. From the Big Five to the smaller often forgotten species, our Sanctuary Retreats' camps and lodges are ideally located to offer you front-row seats to the spectacle nature puts on daily. To commemorate and capture such moments, earlier this month we sent out wildlife photographer Alex Roldan to our camps and lodges; the results did not disappoint. Keep scrolling down to enjoy the wildlife captured at our camps and some of the stories behind Alex's photographs.


Dinner in the Delta

The grassy plains of the permanent Okavango Delta are the perfect feeding grounds for herbivores, drawing-in close to 20,000 elephants to feed there.


 Family Tree

A mother leopard and her cub hang on the branches of an acacia tree as impalas roamed around on high alert.


Chase Is On

The Okavango Delta showcases a healthy population of wild dogs. These extremely rare predators have been hunted to the point of extinction in most areas of Africa and this is one of their last strongholds.


 Stick With the Pride

After a successful hunt, this pride made a beeline for their prize. Not a good time to be standing between them and their meal.


 Taking Flight

Ever so effortlessly, this red lechwe antelope clears a stream crossing in a single leap. 


 United Pride

Tracking a pride of lions is all the more rewarding when you are greeted by such heart-warming sights.


 Midday Snack

Under the midday heat, these little bee eaters were enjoying some treats by the waters of the Okavango Delta. 


 Locked In

These two hippos are locked-in in an attempt to assert dominance and claim their territory.


Last Light

The silhouette of this wildebeest (seemingly left behind by the migration) stood out from the linear horizon during the final hours of the day.

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