Meet our Head of Housekeeping at Southern Africa Camps

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A luxury safari experience is not just about the incredible wildlife, stunning landscapes, and thrilling activities. It is also about the level of comfort and hospitality you experience during your stay. That's where the housekeeping teams come in. Playing an integral role in ensuring you have a comfortable and memorable experience, meet our Heads of Housekeeping at our Southern Africa camps.

Sanctuary Baines' Camp, Botswana

Tsheko Samoxhose

Born and raised in Xaxaba, Tsheko began her career with Sanctuary Retreats in 2003 at Sanctuary Baines' Camp as a housekeeper. With two decades of experience, Tsheko is now the Head of Housekeeping at this intimate luxury camp. Working in the safari industry is in her blood and following her mother's footsteps has been her dream since she was a little child. Tsheko loves the delta and working in such an environment reminds her of home. Knowing this camp inside out, you can trust Tsheko when she tells you that the must-do experience here is to sleep under the stars.


Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero, Botswana

Lorato Ndweza

Following her studies in Lodge Management, Lorato first joined us in 2016 as a housekeeper. After 3 years of hard work, continuously exceeding our expectations, and showing great managerial skills, she was finally promoted to Head of Housekeeping at Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero. According to Lorato, working in the bush alongside an incredible team makes her daily responsibilities all the more enjoyable. From admiring the wildlife roaming around the campgrounds to interacting regularly with people from all walks of life, Lorato cherishes each encounter as a learning opportunity. Our Head of Housekeeping loves contributing to enhancing guests' experiences in any way she can. Should you have the time during your stay at Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero make sure to sit down and share a blissful moment with Lorato.


Sanctuary Chief's Camp, Botswana

Goitseone Gotshajwang (Mama Gomo)


Sanctuary Stanley's Camp, Botswana

Ketsile Tongwane

Ketsile was born in Maun and grew up in Xaraxau, a small village within NG32. In 2005, she started working for Sanctuary Stanley's Camp as a Laundry Assistant before being moved to housekeeping and eventually promoted to Head of Housekeeping in 2007, a position she still holds to this day. Her promotion was a memorable moment for her, as it came as a surprise, but she has since taken on the responsibility with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn from both her successes and mistakes.

Working in housekeeping has enabled Ketsile to meet people from all over the world and learn about their ways of life, while also feeling a sense of pride in her country and culture. She values the staff welfare, training opportunities, and the chance to grow her knowledge and experience while working at Stanley's Camp.

Ketsile is proud of the good relations among the staff and enjoys sharing their culture with guests through activities such as basket weaving, choir, and traditional food.


Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma, Zambia 

Florence Thorle

Florence was born in Monze, Southern part of Zambia from a family of 8. After completing secondary school, she went to college and studied Hotel Management and Catering. She started working for Sanctuary Sussi and Chuma in 2007 as a room attendant and worked her way up to housekeeping supervisor in 2019. She enjoys her work and loves to work for Sanctuary Retreats.


Okahirongo Elephant Lodge, Namibia

Kakuneruka Yolanda Kasupi

Born and raised in Puros, Yolanda has now been with us for over 15 years. Her honesty and hardworking nature helped her develop rapidly during her time at Okahirongo Elephant Lodge. Her favourite part of her role as Head of Housekeeping is the opportunity to meet guests from all walks of life and to be exposed to such a variety of cultures. She cherishes each interaction with guests and goes the extra mile to make them feel welcomed and appreciated.


Okahirongo River Camp, Namibia

Missey Kakuzeri Kasupi

Kakuzeri, originally from Puros, began working for Okahirongo River Camp as a housekeeper in 2006 and was later promoted to supervisor. She is currently holding her position as Head of Housekeeping at Okahirongo River Camp, and her favourite thing about her role is the opportunity to visit other camps like Okahirongo Elephant Lodge, also in Namibia. According to Kakuzeri, the remoteness of the camp is what makes it special, yet it still caters to guests' requests and provides a sense of peace and comfort. One of Kakuzeri's recommended activities is the boat cruise on the Kunene River, where guests can see crocodiles and various birds. Her favourite moment is when the staff sings for their guests.

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