New Photography: Okahirongo Elephant Lodge


Immersed in the great wilderness of Kaokoland, Okahirongo Elephant Lodge has reopened its doors following an extensive refurbishment. With seven suites, a two bedroom private villa and a spectacular infinity pool, this extraordinary lodge may be one of the most unique places you will ever visit. Located in a remote, untouched region of Namibia, few visitors will have witnessed the surreal vistas that await you with rugged mountains, shifting sand dunes and curious rock formations. 

This oasis is rendered in an organic architectural style that echoes the topography of the desertscape, with a striking dome reflecting the indigenous Himba culture. The open plan, main areas dazzle guests with stunning views of the vast mountainous landscape.

Watch the sun rise over the glistening turquoise infinity pool above the rising hills beyond. With 360 degree views of the breathtaking landscape, take a moment to soak in the stillness. 

The expansive and numerous social spaces offer panoramic views of the untouched wilderness. With open sides allowing the outside in, immerse yourself in the otherworldly landscape and experience a strong connection of place. After an action packed day in one of the world's oldest desert landscapes, unwind in comfort on the shaded patio.

Welcoming communal spaces blend chic style with relaxed open-air living. In the main lounge, chunky recessed shelves are dressed with white, clay amphorae, curios and inspiring books. 

Each of the seven spacious suites and the two-bedroom private villa has been designed as a sanctuary from the harsh desert environment with soothing tones to inspire relaxation. Find solace on the private shaded terrace and keep an eye on the horizon to spot giraffes, springbok and ostrich strolling by.

The serene ambience continues to the ensuite bathrooms where an indoor shower is rendered in bleached-white plaster. In the private villa, large free-standing baths encourage rest and relaxation after a day in the desert.

Learn the ancient history of the unique landscapes and discover cultural tales of the indigenous people from our expert staff, 90% of whom are employed from the local village.

This is a most serene base for your adventures, which include scenic drives with expert Himba guides to track desert elephants, giraffe and plentiful gemsbok and springbok.  Another extraordinary activity is a visit to an authentic Himba village, where you’ll meet the indigenous people and learn how they have adapted to desert life. Their distinctive reddish hue is thanks to the ochre pigment balm that protects their skin and hair from the harsh sun.

For those searching for history, take a trip to the phenomenal clay castles of the Hoarusib River valley or visit a Skeleton Coast view point. The mystery doesn't end there – spot the Lone Men of Kaokoland while on scenic drives. These postured rock sculptures blend seamlessly with their surroundings, adding to the extraordinary atmosphere. At the end of a day's adventure, stop to sip a sundowner as the sun sets over the majestic dunes.

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