A Culinary Adventure in the Bush

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Over the last months, our teams in the kitchen have been working hard and are excited to introduce a fresh and vibrant menu for guests staying at our camps and lodges across East Africa this upcoming season. We are committed to bringing an explosion of flavours that will tantalize even the most discerning palates.

The new season offers an abundance of fresh and locally-sourced produce in East Africa, and we are taking full advantage of this by incorporating seasonal ingredients into our dishes. Look for items such as sweet mangoes, tangy pineapples, juicy passion fruit, and creamy avocados to make appearances on our menus. In addition to seasonal produce, we are also putting a modern twist on classic dishes - expect to find a combination of local spices and sauces for an explosion of flavours on your tongue. Think kachumbari & Swahili kishumba, oxtail served with Magugu rice, or even skewers served with a Swahili salad. We are committed to ensuring that our guests experience the very best of East African cuisine.

To complement our delicious dishes, we are serving up refreshing cocktails and mocktails made with fresh fruits and herbs like mint, lemongrass, and ginger. Guests can also indulge in refreshing infused water or freshly squeezed juices made from the fruits of the season. 

Some of our standout dishes this season come straight off the grill. From pork chops, and Swala beef sosaties to grilled paneer tikka skewers for vegetarians, our meals from the grill are sure to impress. For guests looking for something more substantial, we offer a selection of hearty and flavourful main courses, including slow-cooked lamb with couscous, beef fillet with red wine jus and mashed potato, and steamed fish with stir-fried vegetables.

We are excited to provide our guests with an exceptional culinary experience during their luxury travel in East Africa this season. With so many fresh ingredients and innovative dishes to try, guests are sure to find something that they love. So why not join us at one of our camps and lodges and embark on a culinary journey through the luxurious landscapes of East Africa?


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